Passive Income With Nano Products | Podcaster Template #1


Discover the powerful secrets behind building and scaling a single nano info product business without spending  weeks and months creating.

What You're Getting Inside:

Part 1: 
The Nano Info Product Business Model Explained from 10k Feet.

You'll learn the full model and how all of the pieces fit together into an easy to manage and scalable publishing business that you can run 100% from home.

Part 2: 
How to Set up your Client's Display. (without having to be present)

In this section you'll learn exactly how we get the displays set up without having to do the work ourselves.

Part 3: 
How to use Canva to Create Beautiful and Engaging Graphics to power your Clients Displays.

You'll see exactly how I create all of the graphics that make up my clients digital display packages and how you can easily build everything from complete scratch in just a few hours a month.

Part 4: 
How to Install the Graphics on your client's TVs and Loop them endlessly.

In this section you'll learn exactly how we put together all of the graphics and deliver our work to the client without having to actually be in the same location as their display.

Part 5: 
Exactly how to find the perfect clients, how to get their attention, how to sign them up, and what to charge.

You'll learn exactly how to get your clients and how to make sure that you're charging them correctly so that they get a ton of value and you make a healthy profit.

Bonus #1
Ben's Done-for-you Animated Digital Display Graphics.

Don't start from scratch. Use this done-for-you template to start building digital display graphics for your new clients and save yourself hours of work.

Bonus #2
Your Profit Growth Shopping List

I'll show you exactly where we purchase the equipment that you need for each client and how we save money without sacrificing quality.

Bonus #3
The Display Installer Cheatsheet.

I'll show you exactly where we find folks to install the displays for us, what we pay them, and how we maintain quality of work without ever having to be in our client's businesses.

Bonus #4
How to Productize your Display Graphics and sell them Online

I'll show you exactly how to turn every content pack that you create and turn it into it's own profitable, product that you can sell online (without having to contact any clients yourself or deal with them personally).

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