My daughter Safi has finally left the I-want-everything-every-other-girl-has phase.


My daughter Safi has finally left the I-want-everything-every-other-girl-has phase. 

Not completely but for the most past no more major tantrums.


I’m not gonna lie, it did get annoying sometimes.

She sees a girl that has some kind of hair style with beads. “I want beads in my hair daddy.”

She sees a girl with a fluffy blue tiger, “I want a blue tiger.” 

And I would say “But Safi you got an orange tiger at home.” 

“But I want a blue tiger daddy. I want a blue tiger….”

And then for the longest it was “I want weebles paw patrol, I want weebles paw patrol.” 

This was after seeing her cousin with these in the U.K. Like we couldn’t even get these in the U.S.

Me and my wife faced this day in and day out.

I mean talk about being in everyone’s lane. 

Of course I didn’t tell her to stay in her own lane.

Don’t be silly, you can’t tell that to a 4 year old child.

So how did you handle this Sean I hear you asking.

Well, I didn’t handle a thing. 

What do I know about these things?

My wife handled it of course.

I started to hear my wife constantly say “… then add it to your wish list Safi”

I found this so hilarious because it was actually working.

Like every time Safi wanted something, all you had to say was “Add it to your wish list Safi,” and that would be the end of it.

Next topic!

In my mind I couldn’t believe Safi was falling for this so I would say things like 

“Safi, how many things are on your wish list now.”

Because I knew she didn’t remember half the stuff on her list.

My wife would get annoyed at me and tell me “Sssshhhhh!!!”

Here’s why I’m telling you this

I wanted to share this because the lesson here relates to a conversation I was having with one of my clients on the subject of staying on brand with his content strategy.

The lesson basically was just because you see someone doing a thing it doesn’t mean that you’re missing out. 

You don’t need to do or have the same thing too.

In my clients case it was about posting content that was hot and trending.

And yes in the short term it probably would’ve gotten him some exposure for his business.

Problem was the content had nothing to do with his brand or services offered.

Posting content that is irrelevant to your brand can confuse your audience, discredit any established domain authority, and screw up your identity.

Always remember to stay on brand.

Be yourself and remember your area of expertise.

Produce content that is always improving the relationship between you and your audience.