“If you dont understand who you’re targeting and why, then nothing else matters”


Selling a course or an info product? Then that quote applies to you.

Get clear on what is your niche and sub-niche.

This even applies to selling a service. 

When I was running my email marketing agency the niche and sub-niche was:

Marketing → email marketing → email marketing for health → email marketing for Shopify store owners in the health industry.

Get clear on the results that you bring to your potential clientele.

Over at masterclassbuildr.com, my current agency for example which is really just a culmination of all my previous businesses combined with my passion of education and life long learning.

It’s clear over there what results I bring to my customers.

I can take my clients knowledge and over the course of two months turn that into an education platform that can easily bring in 10k+ / month in 90 days or less.

The last thing you need to get clear on is exactly how you will get the results for your clients.

Using the same example above…

I basically have a sequence of processes that are a combination of done-For-you and done-with-you tasks that we complete over a number of sessions per week.

Nothing matters if you’re not clear on these things above.

You’ll have trouble trying to building an audience if you dont target.

That’s it for today.